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Our team of accredited experts are here for your support. We ensure that our clients get the best services at a fair price. Kaiser & Associates have been operating for over 10 years and have developed a good relationship with our clients. Our goal is to go that extra mile to help our clients develop and excel when venturing their business.



Building any business takes a significant amount of time and investment. Kaiser & Associates helps you take care of all the paperwork and accounting support services; leaving you to focus on your business alone. We ensure that your business is running smoothly and efficiently by making sure that your administrative tasks are being performed on time and to the highest standard.


Our range of clients extends from restaurants, freelancers, contractors, small businesses, sole-traders, LLC, PLC, and even start-ups. The team at Kaiser & Associates deals with each individual clients by providing specialist guidance on issues affecting them. Our dedicated team members will review Year End Accounts, Bookkeeping, Self-Assessment, Payslips, and even deal with HMRC on your behalf.


Our wealth of experience and expertise makes us a perfect when dealing with complex cases. The goal is to help our clients develop and excel at their business ventures while providing great service at a fair price. We are based in London, Birmingham, Sunderland and Dhaka in Bangladesh. Join us today and get your business running like the way you want.


Our clients are unique and we tailor our services as per the client’s needs.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

• Accounting – Providing complete accountancy services and consultancy
• Bookkeeping – Keeping records of all your financial affairs
• Payroll – To track all wages paid by your company. That is, creating a list of all your employees and the amount they are to be paid.
• VAT – Ensuring that all your VAT transactions are up to date.

Company Services

• Company Secretarial – A premium compliance service which includes preparation and filing of the annual return, maintenance of statutory registers and processing of share transfers and allotments.
• Company Formation – Providing an exclusive service to legally incorporate a business as a limited company or LLP at Companies House, UK.
• Business Start-ups – Providing tailored services for an entrepreneurial venture that aims to meet a marketplace need.

TAX Services

• Tax Enquiries & Investigation – Dealing with HMRC’s tax enquiries on your behalf.
• Tax Planning – Providing analysis of your financial situation from a tax perspective.
• Capital Gains Tax – Tax on Profit when selling or disposing of an asset that has increased in value.
• Corporation Tax – Providing services for tax levied on companies’ profits.
• Inheritance Tax – Tax on the estate (the property, money, and possessions) of someone who passed away. At Kaiser & Associates we are able to provide this specialized service for our clients.


We also offer the following services for our clients

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Below is a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how this works.

Q1. How much will it cost?

Our services are tailored to our client’s needs. Your bill would depend on the type of business, size and the amount of paperwork required. However, our prices are very competitive and we pride ourselves in providing value for money.

Q2. What if I require urgent assistance?

No worries. Our in-house experts are ready to provide you with all the support you might need. All you need to do is book an appointment and we promise to get you sorted as soon as possible.

Q3. Can I sign up for only one specific service?

Yes. It does not matter how many services you sign up for. We will provide everything you might need on time and to the highest standards.

Q4. How can I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment with us through our website. Just click the CALL NOW button to get an appointment and we will see you soon.

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